Saturday, October 22, 2011

Laker Challenge

Lake Superior State University will be hosting the Laker Challenge on Saturday October 29th as a fundraiser for the LSSU wrestling club.  The event is a Border Wars Tournament. 

Top 3 places will receive Border Wars Wrestling medals.
Top 4 places qualify for the 2011 Border Wars Folkstyle Nationals to be held at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, MI

Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Year End Awards

Wednesday night we held our annual end of the year awards dinner for the Cheboygan Chiefs Varsity Wrestling team. The dinner celebrates the accomplishments of the team during a season in which we finished with a final team record of 19-14. The following awards were handed out:

Most Valuable Wrestler-Jacob Bourgeois

Jake was invaluable to us this year from a leadership standpoint as one of our team captains. His work ethic has been an example to all of the other wrestlers of what it takes to be successful.

Most Dedicated Wrestler-Nick Comps

This award goes to the hardest working wrestler on and off the mat. Someone who puts in the necessary time and effort in the off season as well as during the season. This was a difficult choice this year between Nick and Bourgeois, the previous winner the last two years. Ultimately, we felt that Nick's work ethic to try and come back and get into the lineup following an elbow injury was the deciding factor.

Most Improved Wrestler- Derrick Tennant.

Derrick started off the year with a slow start and not looking much different from a competitive standpoint from where he did last season. Right around the end of December he really started to put everything together and show tremendous improvement. Finally, by the end of the season he was proving to be an integral part of the team not losing very much at all. We look forward to having Derrick back next year for his senior year. If he puts in the necessary work this off season he should be fun to watch next year.

Josh Hiles Award for Academic Excellence-Jacob Bourgeois with a GPA of 3.979

This award goes to the wrestler who has maintained the highest grade point average while continuing to compete on the mat. This year's award went to Jacob Bourgeois who exemplifies the excellence that we want our athletes to achieve in the classroom while striving to excel on the mat as well.

Finally, graduating captains Jacob Bourgeois and Robert Lozano Kydd announced the new team captains for the 2011-12 season. The position of captain requires leadership by setting an example of what is expected on and off the mat. The two individuals announced as new captains were Nick Comps and Derrick Tennant.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New to wrestling? No problem. Here's some terms to know.

Are you a parent who is new to wrestling? Do you not understand some of the terms that you hear being yelled across the gym as your child is on the mat? You're not alone. Many parents who are unfamiliar to the sport can be lost when their child is just beginning in the sport. I hope that the following list of terms and descriptions will help parents to learn the basics of what they need to know.



Do you feel like an outsider talking to other wrestling parents? If your child decides to become a wrestler you will want to be able to talk the talk.

Here's enough basic terminology to get you started
Match: This is when two wrestlers compete. Do not call this a fight .
Meet: This is when the wrestlers of each of two teams face off one match at a time with the team points being awarded for each match. Meets are also referred to as duals or dual meets . Do not refer to a meet as a game .
Stick: This is slang for a pin.
Tech: This is short for technical fall, which is to win the match be gaining a lead of at lease fifteen points.
Top, Bottom or Neutral: These are the starting positions for Folkstyle wrestling. Neutral is the standing position in which the match starts.
Defer: This is to forfeit the opportunity to choose a starting position at the start of the second period so that you have the opportunity to choose at the start of the last (third) period.
Double or Single: These are the basic moves used to take down an opponent.
Sprawl: This is the basic defense to a single or double. The defending wrestler jumps back while lowering their weight on their opponent's shoulders.
Bridge: As a last resort to avoid being pinned, using his legs and neck strength, the wrestler forms an arch, and pivoting on his head, flips over to his stomach.
Half or Half Nelson: The basic move used for turning an opponent from his belly side to his back side in an attempt to score a pin.

Objective: The primary objective in Folkstyle wrestling is to gain control of your opponent and to ultimately pin your opponent by holding your opponent s back (both shoulder blades simultaneously) to the mat for a period of at least two seconds. Most matches end before either wrestler is able to score a pin. The secondary objective is to score more points than your opponent so that you can win by decision in the absence of a pin.

Match Basics: Wrestling matches consist of three periods. Periods can vary in length from one minute in duration for younger age groups, to as long as three minutes for college wrestling. Either wrestler can win the match at any time if they are able to pin their opponent or develop a lead of more than 14 points. Otherwise, the wrestler that can accumulate the most points by the end of the third period (or after overtime in the case of a tie) wins the match.
There are only two positions from which referees start, or continue a match.
The first is neutral position, with both wrestlers standing and facing each other. The other is the referee's position, where one wrestler starts on his hands and knees down on the mat, and the other starts on top, behind and in control. The first period always begins in the neutral position. Each wrestler has their choice in one of the remaining periods, to choose to start from top or bottom referee's position, or in the neutral position. If the action must be stopped before the end of a period, the referee restarts the wrestlers in the starting position that best reflects the position the wrestlers were in when the action was stopped.
Scoring: The scoring system is rather simple. Takedowns (when from a neutral or standing position one wrestler is able to bring the other to the mat and gain control) are worth two points. Escapes (when the bottom wrestler is able to break free from the top wrestler and revert back to a neutral position) are worth one point.
Reversals, (when a wrestler on the bottom is able to reverse the control so that the opponent is on the bottom) are worth two points.
Back points (also called near fall) are awarded when one wrestler comes close to pinning the other (i.e. exposing the other wrestler's back) and are worth two or three points depending on the length of time that the opponent's back is exposed. In addition, penalty points can be awarded when the opposing wrestler performs illegal moves or is penalized for excessive stalling.
Sportsmanship: Competition is conducted in a manner as to promote and require good sportsmanship. Competitors are expected to show respect to opponents, officials and coaches regardless of the outcome of their match. Both wrestlers are required to shake hands before and after the match. It is also common practice for each wrestler to shake the hand of their opponent's coach after the match. Sportsmanship violations can result in disqualification and a deduction of team points.
Officials: The referee s role is to award points as they are scored, insure safety, and start and stop competition. Officiating is primarily objective in nature, although judgment does come into play in situations where it is difficult to determine if point criteria has been met. High school and college referees and in many cases even youth referees are trained and certified.

Basic wrestling equipment includes a headgear, wrestling
shoes, and a singlet. Wrestling shoes offer more ankle support than the traditional shoe and are designed lightweight and tight to the foot to promote freedom of movement. Headgear can prevent outer ear injuries and bruises during practice and competition. The standard wrestling uniform, known as a singlet, is designed to fit snug to the body so that it does not restrict the movement of either wrestler. Kneepads are sometimes worn by choice.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Season Opener Wednesday vs Petoskey and Sault Ste. Marie

This Wednesday December 1, 2010 we will be opening our season at home against the Petoskey Northmen and the Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils. Come out and support the Chiefs!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheboygan Alumni Interview Nick Viau

This is the first of a series of interviews as part of a project we've been working on with alumni to help promote our program.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

MUTT MMA and Boxfit Gym Present Fighting for A Cause!

Doors open at 7:30pm and fights start at 8:00pm. All ages welcome. $20 Cage Side $10 General Admission Tickets available at Boxfit Gym, MUTT MMA and at the door Fight Night. All proceeds from this event will go to support Cheboygan Wrestling. Come out and enjoy a night at the fights and help support the Cheboygan Varsity Wrestling team for the coming school year.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

7&4 News covers the return of wrestling in Cheboygan.

Tonight 7&4 News will be running a story on the return of wrestling in Cheboygan and our upcoming BorderWars Tournament.